The Sports & Entertainment Division at The Agency was established to meet the real estate needs of professional athletes and entertainment personalities. Through our global network of the most capable, respected and informed luxury real estate professionals in the business, we assist our high-profile clients with their buying, selling, leasing and relocation needs worldwide.

The Agency Difference

The Agency has the ability to execute our clients’ transactions with complete confidentiality and with increased control over media exposure through the numerous media outlets with which we have personal relationships. We are accustomed to working with agents, lawyers, and business managers to ensure comprehensive representation and a smooth transaction process.

Through our internal network, as well as our long-standing relationships within the sports and entertainment industries, we have unprecedented access to coveted off-market listings and are able to effectively promote our properties to a highly qualified, curated list of potential buyers. Furthermore, our longstanding relationships within the sports and entertainment industries (many of our agents used to work in these fields) allow us to effectively expose our listings to this niche market and cater to our clients’ exact needs.

” We come from, and have worked in, the sports and entertainment industries. Consequently, we know the scheduling demands on our clients’ lives, and we understand the extreme need for discretion and confidentiality.”