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“Best experience ever…”
April 2019
Best experience ever. Working with Chad has been a delight when buying a home is usually stressful and unpleasant….. He answers all my questions (and there have been many, and some wacky ones) kindly and quickly. Chad is so knowledgeable it’s unreal, I felt confident in every step of the process. When my emotions and fear kicked in, he was there to explain, educate and walk me through it. He took time to really understand our needs, was able to recommend or raise concerns or tell me yep that’s a common thing. He is up front about EVERYTHING- that jives with my personality so well. He communicates SO well, answers back quickly, calls or emails as needed- it’s been great. With funky schedules he can mesh with anything, with unique home needs he’s been an ace at getting answers. Chad is in your corner when buying a home, I’m confident of that. I feel good about this move and buying a house has ceased being scary and is now exciting. I can’t glow enough about him, this has been the most wonderful experience.
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