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We are very excited you found us. As you know college educations can be super expensive. One item not always planned for is student housing. Not only is it costly but often times it can prove to be an additional obstacle for the students educational needs. We want to help you reduce costs (maybe even make some money) and help your student transition into college life a little easier.

We believe that you can significantly reduce the cost of student housing by owning real estate. Not only are you not throwing money away on a rental but you have potential to make money through smart property management strategies. We are here to help you through that process. While not for everyone, this could be perfect for you and your family. 

The other advantage to student housing ownership is that you can help create the perfect educational environment for your student. Often this cant be done with a rental. Better ‘home like’ atmosphere, more storage, managing roommates, time savings and tons of other benefits can actually increase productive study time and result in better academic performance. Not to mention, where would you rather visit your student?


We assist families with the cost of student housing through smart real estate transactions while creating better living conditions and ultimately a more productive academic atmosphere.

Now that’s WIN/WIN!

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